Website design, web applications and online marketing

Web development

Creating representative websites with a design tailored to your business in order to promote your brand and enter the online market

Web application development

Development of complex web applications with registration systems, automated adding of content, configurators of some of your products ...

Online marketing

Advertise your new or existing website on Google and social media to promote your services and products

Free consultations

If you have any doubts about any of the services we offer or about website design and digital marketing in general you can always contact me

Web programming

Web Design

The first thing a client sees when they come to your site is the design so it can make a difference in the client’s decision whether to stay or leave your site immediately. The design must be in line with the business you are in and intuitive enough for clients to easily access the information they are interested in. If you have read the topic '6 reasons why you need a website' you know that you need to answer the basic questions quickly. So the design must be such that the client immediately knows who you are, what you offer him and how to contact you.

Front-end Programming

In addition to a good design that is in line with the theme of your site, it is necessary to provide basic animations and functionalities. Depending on the topic of the site, it is good that the site has, for example, an image gallery, slider, filtering and sorting of some data, search and other functions. Also, if you have some forms on the site such as the contact form, log in or registration form, it is always good to check the entered data before sending it to the server for processing, which is all Front-end Programming.

Back-end Programming

If you want a more serious web application that has a mechanism for automated subsequent addition of content, you will need a database and a server that will have contact with the database server. To write code that the server will understand, you must also write a part in one of the server languages, which is why it is called that. So if you need to automatically add users, products, news or anything else afterwards, the server side of the programming will have to be used as well.

Database Design

For projects that need a database, it is logical that it must be created as well. The design of the database must be adapted to the project, and yet the rules for good design of the database must be followed, because otherwise the performance can be significantly worse. The client himself cannot see whether the database is designed well or badly but if it is poorly designed subsequently it is a big deal to redesign without losing data.


Once you have created your site you need to maintain it as well. What does website maintenance mean? Any additional changes to the site, entry of new users, creation of new pages, addition of new products, change of design, addition of new functionalities ... We also take over maintenance projects that we did not do with the consent of the programmer who worked to submit materials and if they were made in languages ​​listed at the bottom of the home page.

Remote cooperation with companies and other IT jobs

If you are a company that needs a trained collaboration programmer who works in Laravel, PHP, JavaScript and knows HTML, CSS and Bootstrap well, remote collaboration is more than welcome. Also if you need anything related to internet technologies, graphic design and photo processing you can contact me so we will see if I can help you and if not I can definitely recommend you who can.