What does the price depend on?

The price depends on only one thing, and that is the time that should be set aside to meet all the requirements of the client, so the more requests you have, the price will be higher and vice versa. For example, you want a representative site for your company with 3 to 4 pages that is adapted for all devices with a slider and the function of returning to the beginning of the site when the user goes down to the page and without any special functionality you will spend about 150 €

But if you also want an image gallery, a data entry form with validation, filtering, sorting, searching and other more complicated functions, the price will grow exponentially with the number of functionalities that the site should contain. After that, it is the turn of the most complex projects, which include systems with databases, where it is necessary to provide complete automation of entering content, users, user rights on the site, etc. With such web applications, the price can go into the thousands because such applications can require months of work.

When we take all this into account, the packages below are there only for a rough estimate if you already have in mind what your site should have, but each client makes a package according to his own, chooses what functionalities the website or application will have, and the programmer bases the price on that basis